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We are legally established Mexican Company , based in Mexico City, we offer service for Woodward’s turbo machinery control systems. We have more than twelve years of experience in this activity.

Our technical capability has allowed us to work in Mexico and  in other Latin-American countries (such as: Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, etc., ) see details.


We do eliminate burdensome administrative processes and corporate obesity to be able to offer you competitive prices that you can afford. The Bureaucracy is not part of this company..



About us

Our Mission...

Our mission is to provide you  a qualified service to your whole satisfaction, resolving your problems in the short term, to generate long term relationships; we do not want to sell you a product only, we want to help to make your business work efficiently in the area we dominate



The most important in this company it’s you, our Customer.

We worry, for you not to have to...